Why Are The Roads Filled With So Many Bad Drivers?

By: Charlie Hustle, July 23rd 2016

Have you ever wondered why people can’t drive? On any given day tune into the local news and you’ll see at least one horrible motor vehicle accident caused by a wrong-way driver, a driver under the influence, obnoxious speeds, or distracted by use of a cell phone. I watch people blatantly run red lights, fail to yield, and cut other drivers off all the time.  In most professions, a re-certification process is in place requiring continuing education and even testing. 

Why is it that a driver’s license only requires you to pass 1 written and road test at the young age of 16?  Do you remember the details of your Junior Prom? That’s how long ago you learned to drive.  Do you remember learning how many feet behind a snow plow you should drive when it has its flashing red or amber lights on?  Is it 200 feet? 300? 400? Or 500 feet?  How many people do you know believe the yellow light means “Hurry up!”instead of “Stop if you can safely do so”? 

Take note of all the violations you witness over the next couple weeks and leave your comments below.  Should we start a petition to require annual training and re-certification for drivers?  Drive safe and buckle up!

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