Mom Beats Her Daughter Live On Facebook

By:PAUNEWS  July 28, 2016

“You wanna try me, right?”

And so  begins the live Facebook broadcast of a mother beating and her 16-year-old daughter in their Savannah, Georgia, home.
The teenager sobs while her mother slaps her all over her body and hits her with what appears to be a plastic object.
Felling  embarrassed by her daughter’s behavior, she confronts her  about  posting sexy photos of herself on Facebook and having sex in their home.
“That s— cute? You’re 16 right? You’re only f——g 16! And you wanna be a THOT!” she says.. The acronym THOT stands for “that hoe over there.”
The has spread through social media, sparking debate about corporal punishment and public shaming.

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‘I’m gonna need y’all to send this viral’

After nearly four minutes, as her daughter whimpers in the corner, the  mother turns the cell phone camera on herself, fixes her hair, and addresses her audience.

“Now, I’m gonna need y’all to send this viral, please share this. ‘Cause I’m not done, more to come.”Many thought the mother took the beating too far, especially for disciplining a teenager.Others said her choice of public punishment  sent the wrong message.

Many more empathized with the mother and the lesson she was trying to impart.
“I understand where this mom coming from but she could have handled it in a respectful way. She’s only trying to save her ’cause it’s a nasty world out there,”a Facebook  user commented.
 A post on what appears to be on the  daughter’s Facebook page, written by the mother gives her side of the story.
“I love my daughter with all my heart,” she said. “Whatever happens after this, oh well, my daughter is not going to disrespect me or herself for nobody … lesson learned.”
The teen seemed to take responsibility in her own post saying that she shouldn’t have embarrassed her mother and that she shouldn’t have been doing what she was doing.
She said she loves her mother and she understands why her mom did what she did.
“I know next time to just keep my business to myself.”

No charges pending

The uproar prompted law enforcement to look into the incident.
The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department received several phone calls from concerned citizens who saw the Facebook Live video.
Special Victims Unit officers followed up and spoke to the mother and daughter, he said. Although the daughter said she feels safe in her home, the case has been referred to the Department of Children and Family Services for follow-up, he said. There are no charges pending.

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