Now That the Boring Conventions Are Over, Bring On the Debates!

By: PAUnews July 30,2016

The Republican and Democratic Conventions easily rank as the most boring in modern history. But the presidential debates promises to bring fun and excitement to a rather bland presidential race.

The showdown between Presidential front-runner Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be an epic battle of Truth vs Evil.

Neither candidate electrified their political parties during the conventions. And Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email scandal dominated the news cycle.

So far, Clinton has skated on thin ice in terms of revealing her true agenda to the American people. Until now her interviews and Q&A sessions have been strictly controlled by her camp.

The sickly 68-year-old mother-of-one doesn’t fare well in public debates, because telling the truth is problematic for her.

Trump — who won nearly all of his prior debates — pointed out that Clinton held her last press conference nearly a year ago. 238 days ago, to be exact.

CNN’s Jake Tapper confirmed that Clinton’s last press conference was in December.

The following is the schedule of the presidential debate schedule, according to the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Sept. 26 – First presidential debate at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio

Oct. 9 – 2nd presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, MO

Oct. 19 – 3rd presidential debate at University of Nevada-Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

All debates will be moderated by a single individual — probably an anchor from one of the major news networks (hopefully NOT CNN).

The debate moderators will be announced soon.

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